8 Facts Why Silicon Valley Kicks Europe's Butt


I have been wondering lately whether Europe can be such a place as great as Silicon Valley to foster startup creation.
Loic Le Meur puts a couple of reasons why Silicon Valley is well ahead of Europe in the tech business. Here are the 8 key facts:

  • All you need is in one place. The best Internet companies and the best people in tech industry are all in one place.
  • Campus life. Everything you do with entrepreneur friends during free time is related with business. It's non stop.
  • Social environment is very flexible. You can hire fast but also fire fast which is very unpopular in Europe and impossible to do. Being able to fire fast allows startups to hire fast.
  • The "how can I help" attitude. People trust you more by default. Very easy to meet anyone in Silicon Valley.
  • Diversity. Silicon Valley is much more diverse. Half of the people we interact with daily are not Americans.
  • Visibility. The press and the key tech blogers care more about you if you are based there.
  • Global state of mind. You're surrounded by people who want to create the leader in the world on something. The thing is you're allowed to think big.
  • Multinational team. It forces you to think and execute globally. Especially enhances creativy.

Picture by Cirencester Cupcakes