Confessions Of A Public Speaker

People are more afraid of public speaking than death. Yes, and that's why tons of inexperienced people fail to communicate ideas to their audience. Don't you remember one time when you were wasting your time in a room where the speaker was actually talking to himself? Because I do. This refreshing book deals with conference speakers and teachers. It contains dozens of insights so to provide clues on how to do public speaking right.

The majority of people are dead lazy to prepare their talk when they speak in public. They *think* it's going to be all right. The truth is that these speakers are not only wasting their own time in case of fail. It's actually 33 hours of wasted time if we consider a 100 people audience attending to a 20 minutes talk.
What the audience expects from the speaker is though nothing much. Just as much as the talk is entertaining and, maybe, inspiring. If it even leads to make people do something differently after the talk, then you might be doing very well.

Scott Berkun explains in a plain style how speakers should behave to effectively connect to their audiences. Confessions Of A Public Speaker is full of practical tips and will make you laugh.