Create Stories Using The Social Web With Storify

I first met Storify Cofounder Xavier Damman at a conference in San Francisco one year ago. He was working on a product called Publitweet back then. He also built in 24 hours ListiMonkey right at the time when Twitter launched the list feature. He was very enthusiastic and ready to take the next step.

We're now living in the connected age of social media and we try to catch up with never-ending feeds. Whatsoever on Twitter or Facebook. It's been kind of cool in 2010. We werescrolling on the Twitter feed looking for interesting stuff to learn about.

But another truth lies ahead: it's getting more and more overwhelming to keep up with what's happening with your friends and Twitter followers. People increasingly spend quite a good deal of their life online. People are sharing more and more stuff. People get excited about telling their friend about that awesome video. It all comes down to bring so much noise.

We need filters to get the most relevant information from the noisy social medias. Storify is kind of big deal on the web curation scene. It's about finding the meaning in the noise and turn that meaning into a format that people can actually understand. That format is a story. And people read stories. The stories you create with Storify are made of tweets, status updates, youtube videos and pretty much every other social web service.

I think it's very promising. To me it'll be a lot more handy to tell the story of what happened in a concert while putting together real-time pieces of the show.

Have a look at this recent interview of Storify Cofounders by Robert Scoble:

And here is what a Storify looks like: