Renew with blogging -

I think I just found the perfect blogging service: Posterous.

I was completely lazy thinking about blogging until discovering this smart service. Here are some good reasons that make my choice:
  • You just have to email in order to post something
  • If I attach one or more photos, Posterous will resize it to web-friendly size and post it
  • When I attach music or sound, it will drop the music into a web MP3 player, so instant podcast
  • When I put a URL in my email, such as a YouTube link, it automatically turn it into a YouTube embeded player for the new post
  • Autopost to everywhere: on Twitter, Facebook, other blogs, etc...

Visit for a complete overview, you should be fulfilled.

That makes this platform a new place for me to share links, insights, photos, videos and other geeky things on my experience in San Francisco which is starting very soon!

Photo by @vgrempka