Spotify rocks with precursor mobile music experience

Spotify is a great music streaming service that allows instant listening to more than 6 millions songs. The application is available on Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone and Android phones.

I was using the free version for a couple of months. It stands to reason that yes, advertising sucks. But the Symbian version has just been released which allows me to use Spotify on my Nokia N95.

As a music nerd, I quite immediately upgraded my account to 9,99€/month prenium version which provides:
- Mobile music with streaming over 3G/2.5G/Wifi in high quality
- Playlists are even available offline
- Access music anywhere in the world and of course no ads

After 24H of use I must admit that I totally love it. This is real innovation in the music industry.
And Deezer is now also into the prenium game. Sorry, but Spotify won this time with Nokia support.