Wax Tailor makes his own game

Known as French trip hop visionary producer, Wax Tailor is back on tour in US. I must admit he completely has kicked ass yesterday in San Francisco.

What makes of Wax Tailor a visionary? Well, he created something new in trip hop music. While he's a DJ, his shows include also a cellist, flutist, MC and singer. This diversity creates a new and great move in music. There is also a complete visual support. It's like watching a movie with full soundtrack playing live and both are by the same artist. All of these elements make the show really entertaining from beginning to the end. The result is beautiful.

I have also had the privilege to meet him in person after the show. Ok, that kind of small and intimist venue helps to get in touch easier with performers.

Wax Tailor is one of those artist that you are going to kick your self for not knowing about before he starts breaking into the mainstream. Also you must listen to the last album available in streaming for free on http://waxtailor.com.